Direct sales settlement

The general conditions of sale on our website are also applicable during lives. Other stricter rules also apply.

Strict regulations

Updates on 07/26/2021

Rule n ° 1

When the live is over, we will send you your total as well as the details of your order by private message.

Rule n ° 2

After receiving the private message, you have 24 hours to confirm your order, the type of delivery and the type of payment.

Rule n ° 3

You must make the payment within 72 hours after confirming your order, the type of delivery and the type of payment. After that your order will be canceled and put back on sale.

Rule n ° 4

If you pay cash on delivery, you must confirm your order. When it is ready, we will get back to you to arrange a delivery day.

Rule n ° 5

When you buy live, you automatically approve the T & Cs and the live rules.

Rule n ° 6

Any bogus command = definitively block the page and the group. You will also be put on our blacklist.

Rule n ° 7

You can choose between the following payments:

Rule n ° 8

No reservation is possible.

Rule n ° 9

To buy live you must put

  • Jp + quantity + article + price

Rule n ° 10

We ship to Belgium and France.

Rule n ° 11

No loyalty points are awarded on live sales.

Rule n ° 12

No welcome promo code is assigned on live sales.